Advice needed on feeding my outdoor container plants.?

happy asks: Advice needed on feeding my outdoor container plants.?
I have a roof-top garden here in Vietnam which gets an incredible amount of hot sun. To get over the problem of my soil turning to dust i mulch my plants with coarse river sand which seems to be working very well. being fairly new to gardening i follow a lot of the experts advice i read on the Internet and they all say when feeding to lightly fork the food into the soil. So what i need advice on is will it be ok to fork the food into the sand and then water it through, or wont that work. Thank you.

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Answer by RegMan
I do my gardening in New Jersey, USA. We mulch with wood chips. I hadn’t heard about using sand for mulch but it does allow the water to go through.

When feeding your plants, you don’t want to have the food get washed away with rain and other water hitting the plants until the plants have a chance to absorb the nutrients from the food.

I would suggest that you use a slow release solid fertilizer.

You could also start a compost pile and use either compost or compost tea to help mulch and feed your plants.

Do an Internet search for more information on composting and compost tea.

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