Advice needed on setting up brick edging along edge of garden bed?

????? asks: Advice needed on setting up brick edging along edge of garden bed?
here is a picture i took of what i am trying to do.

Thanks for your answers!

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Answer by ◙ Close Cover Before Strinking ◙
It looks like you are off to a good start.

I’ve done this myself but I didn’t have the flowerbed cleared like you do. I dug a trench in the soil that was the width of the bricks and just set them in place. They have settled some but otherwise it is working well. Looks like your way would be simpler. All you have to do is set the bricks in plage and fill the bed with top soil. Quick tip: I would tamp the top soil that is right around the bricks tightly. Then, once your bricks are in place and so is the top soil, pour either sand or top soil over the bricks and sweep it into the crevices. It will help keep your bricks steady. Understand that putting top soil between the bricks sometimes invites weeds but they are easy to hand pick.

Here’s step by step advice from HGTV

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  1. Like the other person stated you are off to a great start!!! I would mke a few changes tho’ put down som landscape fabric to keep weeds out, and make sure your bricks are level with the grass you need to cut. Otherwise you need to trim it, instead of letting the wheels of your lawnmower ride on the brick edge. You have the image in you mind and go for looks good so far! I hope you post the final product. Just remember to plant the right plants for the space. As a side note – don’t be offended – the bushy plant on the left top of the grows over the walkway, can it be moved or pruned? just a thought..

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