Advice on growing blueberry bushes in Houston TX?

Curly asks: Advice on growing blueberry bushes in Houston TX?
I love to garden and have tried (unsuccessfully) to grow peppers and tomatoes. Now I want to try blueberries (if at first you do not succeed; try, try again!). Anyone out there have any tips for this neophyte?

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Answer by Timothy L
Your spacing sounds too close for me. Plus the grapes are going to be growing over your berry plants. Six ft is kinda close for grapes even without the berries in between. If you put the grapes 12 ft apart at every other post and berries at every other post, it would work better. You will still have the grapes growing over the berries but it will be more manageable.

A better plan would be to just use the fence for grapes and have a different area for berries. There are some good seedless table grapes that would probably work in your area. Check out Reliance, Canadice, and Jupiter for seedless grapes.

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  1. Have a raised bed and put soil (not potting soil) in it for retrying tomatoes. Blueberry bushes, must have multiple. They will not grow well unless they can cross pollinate with each other.

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