Advice on growing tomato plants please?

Spanky asks: Advice on growing tomato plants please?
Hi everyone,

My dad passed away 2 weeks ago and I’ve been looking after his tomato plants as he loved spending time in the garden. I’ve been watering them everyday and I was just wondering If I should be using any kind of special tomato feeds? Any tips and hint you have at all will be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Answer by Frank
once the plants have trusses of tomatoes you will need to feed the plants every couple of weeks with a liquid tomato feed.

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  1. Don’t water every day. It’s possible to drown tomatoes. I’ve been growing them for 40 years, and if there’s no rain, I give them a deep soaking once a week. Or every 5 days if they’re planted in a really fast draining site. A classic symptom of overwatering to look for is the leaves curling UP (rather than down) at the edges, and starting to yellow. Start from the bottom of the plant and moving up.

    Look at them every day, to catch insect or disease problems early. When you water, water the ground, not the leaves. (Frequently wet leaves develop fungal problems faster).

  2. First off, sorry to hear about your dad. My condolences to you and your family.

    It’s really not that difficult to grow tomatoes. Since they are probably already establish, you should just keep them tied up (if using stakes) as they grow and provide about 1 inch of water per week. If you are having very hot dry weather then watering them some every morning may help, just try to avoid over watering them.

    Once they begin to bloom and form fruit, you can give them a little tomato fertilizer. Tomato-tone is my favorite organic tomato fertilizer. This is really optional as they don’t really need as much fertilizer as most people think if you have good soil.

  3. Personally, I feed my tomato plants once a week with Tomorite liquid fertiliser. I water them every day if the soil is dry (basically as they need it) it very much depends on where they are being grown and if they are in a greenhouse or in a vegetable plot. I live in East Anglia and its been very hot and dry here so watering every day in my greenhouse is essential

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