Advice on planting herbs late summer (Canberra)?

Janapix14 asks: Advice on planting herbs late summer (Canberra)?
I want to plant oregano, thyme and capsicum and leave these out in the balcony.
It will be sunny enough (even now, I’m all warm, sitting with my back to the window)
. I’m just a little worried about the temperatures. Autumn just started and on average it’s around 13 degrees. Winter would have a minimum of zero celcius.
Is it alright to start planting now?
Any advice for a complete gardening novice?

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Answer by Lene O
If you have room on sunny windowsills for the plants, go for it or just plan on freezing, drying or using up when the cold hits. Thyme might be able to get through the cold, depending on the variety and how established it is before the cold hits.
If you have enough balcony space, you could consider a mini greenhouse- think old fish tank salvaged from a yard sale. That could be enough shelter to get the small plants through the cold as long as you could prop it open a bit from the bottom on the sunny days of winter.
Best advice I can give a novice is what they told me: try it, just be prepared for things not to go your way.

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  1. Oregano and thyme should be OK as long as they get lots of sun. These plants are perennials, meaning they grow continually, at least for a few years. Capsicum is grown as an annual plant and usually dies after it has flowered and fruited. Apart from warmth, it also needs a certain amount of sunlight per day to flower properly (meaning it needs the longer days of spring and summer). Best to wait until late spring to plant one (say, November onwards). You could try growing some parsley (it’s bulletproof!), coriander and lettuces.

  2. Go to my blog site,

    On the guide to growing herbs page, I have some PDF files which are free to download. They will give you advice on what herbs like and how to grow them. I will be adding another two pages of herbs shortly.

    They can be planted at any time. Just give them the right nurture.

  3. you can plant these now, the oregano and thyme will be happy inside when weather gets cold. keep them inside near the window; if west or south facing you may want to place them farther from window the capsiscum may grow indoors as well. do not over water, let soil dry out before watering in time you will be able to look at plant and see when to water. if you want your capsicum HOT keep it on dry side and do not feed it.

  4. Plan your garden before planting it. Consider the herbs you want to plant and what you’ll use them for. Herbs grow in various ways; some herbs, such as thyme, are low growing and spreading while others, such as parsley, grow in clumps. Mint is a taller, vigorously growing herb which often needs to be contained. Herbs are considered either annuals or perennials and many will bloom just like more traditional flowers.

    List or draw your garden on paper first. If you know the size of your garden you’ll easily be able to choose the appropriate plants. Likewise, if you have certain herbs in mind you’ll able to plan the right size garden.

    Plan Your Herb Garden –

    Herbs 101 –

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