Advice on starting a new garden?

swirlyhypnotize asks: Advice on starting a new garden?
Okay, so I live in Denver, Colorado, and I’m trying to start a garden in my backyard.
I was just wondering what I should do to prepare the garden for the winter? What things should I do before the first freeze?
I know I need to get the ph level of the soil tested. Can you do this at Home Depot’s or Lowe’s gardening centers? I know there’s the home testers, but aren’t there also things that should be tested such as minerals to what kind/how much fertilizer to add?
Also what are the basic fertilizers I would need to put in after I till the soil?
Any advice for a beginner would be appreciated, today is my first day doing any research so I don’t know too much. Thank you in advance!

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Answer by Greco
After you’ve dug up your garden, take soil samples from different areas and depths and take it to your local extension office.

Look under county offices to find yours.

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  1. try the website “plantpassion” . it`s a uk site . found it quite usefull .
    good luck .

  2. To hell with that crap.Dig your garden add some peat moss some sheep manure and it you think you need it go get some top soil ,router till or turn it all and let it sit for the winter.If you want to plant some bulbs for spring then do it.As long as you have good black soil and you add fertilizer things grow.If you want plants like poppy,s and bulbs then they have to be planted in the fall for spring and they are probably cheaper now,Put in rose bushes but make sure that you cover them with mulch same with other bushes.plants like nasturtiums, morning glories, moon flowers and sun flowers that seed themselves can be planted as long as they are covered.All these i grow and put the seeds right back into the ground and have beautiful crops.

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