Can anyone give me tips on planting jalepenos and cayenne peppers?

♥KiYoMi♥ asks: Can anyone give me tips on planting jalepenos and cayenne peppers?
I just bout about 7 plants from wal mart. I tried planting them last year and they stayed quite small and hardly grew any peppers.
The ones from last year also had a bunch of holes in the leaves I assume it was from bugs. What should I use to prevent bugs from eating the leaves.

Im new at gardening so any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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Answer by shooter1
Plant your peppers in rich, well-drained soil, about 16 inches apart and water well. If you prefer peppers can be grown in pots (I recommend at least 12 inch diameter) with a good-quality potting soil. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer or use rabbit manure; either will work. Peppers like a lot of sunshine and high heat if possible. When they start blooming watch to see if they are being pollinated by bees, wasps or other insects. If not, you can pollinate them by hand quite easily; just lightly brush your fingertip across each blossom. If you intend to save seeds carefully wash your hands between varieties and protect them from cross-pollination by using isolation cages. If you don’t intend to save any seeds this will not be necessary as the crop will be of the type planted; only their seeds would produce the crossed variety.

Peppers are one of the easiest plants to grow and produce abundantly under less-than-ideal conditions; you should do well.

Good luck and enjoy!

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