Colorado Springs climate and gardening questions?

Ava G asks: Colorado Springs climate and gardening questions?
I want to plant grass from seed. The question I have is that with the night temps still below 30 (in March) degrees when can I safely begin the process?
I also have some rosebushes I want to transplant and I read to water them for a week each day before moving them. I can’t do that if the temps are below 30 degree…any advice?

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Answer by lazybones
Grass won’t grow until soil temperature is at least 6 degrees celsius, and frost can kill the seedlings. Wait another few weeks before sowing the grass.
You can move the rosebush; they are much tougher than we think. Now is the time to move it, before it emerges from its dormant period. Just make sure that you give it a good watering when you have transplanted it. Everyday for 7 days is too much.

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