Do you have any terrarium advice or plant suggestions?

Valkyrie asks: Do you have any terrarium advice or plant suggestions?
I would like to have a terrarium and was wondering what to plant in it. I don’t want cactus because I already have two large cactus gardens in the house now. I was considering African Violets. I purchased one today. It’s about 12″ tall and 10″ round with a glass lid. Any other suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank You! 🙂

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Answer by Val K
you can get rocks, coral etc from a pet shop [fish bowl department] and baby cactus will go great, you can get them with all colours, and even with little Mexican hats, they will look stunning

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  1. Venus fly traps will grow well in a terrarium. Try some baby ferns or an orchid as well.

  2. Plants that like high humidity and low light thrive in these conditions, so try, small ferns, ivies (use the ones with variegated foliage). They will mix niceltywith your African violets. Make sure you put a layer of drainage beneath the soil to keep it fresh and healthy.

    S Marquet

  3. I had problems with cactus in my terrarium, it must stay too moist for them, or i had it too deep in the bottom. Cactus need dry anyways. Now back to your question, philodendron does great, African violets, just be careful, the leaves don’t seem to like to get wet, bottom water i know this from experience. Anything tropical, wax begonias, are good ones too for terrariums. Make sure you put gravel on the bottom for good drainage. Another idea, if you have a dracenia and its too tall, I cut the plant in half almost and put the top in my aquarium and it rooted, the fish love it too, my guppies babies hide in the roots. The rest of the plant doubled on top and it looks great.

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