first time — planting veggie garden, advice welcome or any tips :) when to start?

Nikki asks: first time — planting veggie garden, advice welcome or any tips 🙂 when to start?
Hello! I recently moved and there is a spot on the back yard with a weed ridden garden.

I live in wisconsin, so the ground will thawing soon. I’d like to plant cucumbers, corn, strawberries — just wondering when I start all of this & if there is any rhyme or reason to placement of the seeds….

Any help welcome — or any sites you can direct me too… OR, even ideas of what to plant haha. It’s a fairly small little area by the way

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Answer by JJH

Start in April

(;_ylt=ArJmaI1jtRDGUkRAWwlLGL_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100309090726AANyuI7 can anyone answer my question?)

Talk to your local garden store too

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  1. You will have to check out the best time to sow veggie seeds in your area (it is usually on the seed packets).

    I start some seeds off indoors, on the window cil. They will germinate better in the warmth of indoors.

    Don`t sow seeds into cold wet soil. The chances are they will rot and therefore won`t germinate.

    Most veggies need a very open site in full sun. They don`t do well in shade.

    Make yourself a compost heap (plenty of details on the web – just google compost heap) – on this you can rot down all your weeds, kitchen waste – and even cardboard. This is a source of valuable soil enriching material.

  2. If you go to the garden center to buy the seeds you see on the packages how you do that, also when you put the seeds in the ground, sunny places or not, how often you need to give water all that. Have fun by the garden work.

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