Garden advice needed please?

POC215 asks: Garden advice needed please?
I have 3 Acer’s in pot’s in my garden, looking at them I think they all have wind damage, the thing is I have no real sheltered area where I live. Should I bring them inside for a while or would that make it worse! Also should I bring them in over the winter? I live in Scotland so it will be cold!!!

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Acers should be able to survive any wind Scotland can throw at them. The family includes Sycamore and Canadian Maple (and boy it get’s cold in Canada).

The usual problem with trees in pots is they don’t get enough water. Small pots should be watered every day and the biggest pots every week. It’s no good relying on the rain – Jupiter Pluvius isn’t a very good aim.

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  1. It has delicate, deeply cut leaves, and needs semi-shade, away from the winds to thrive. Like many types, it doesn’t like being dried out by harsh breezes or strong sunlight.”

    The delicate, deeply cut leaved varieties of Acer are often found to have brown spots or curled, dying tips to their leaves. This is usually down to over-exposure to the drying effects of full sunlight or strong winds.

    If your tree is already suffering, try moving it to a more shaded area, and be sure it’s not receiving too much reflected light from a wall or fence.

  2. Hi
    You could create a sheltered spot by making a wind break. This could be done by a trellis fence with something growing up it, or fast growing plants such as willow or bamboo. Make sure it is something which has spaces in it to let some of the wind through otherwise you will create serious disturbance where the wind flips over the break and gets trapped.

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