Has anyone tried a rottatiller for gardening?

deirdrefaith asks: Has anyone tried a rottatiller for gardening?
I”ve never used one, but was thinkin about renting one out.
don’t want to get my back outta whack esp. since I just did that at work 2 wks. ago.
anyway, how easy is it to use one of these machines?
I plan to clear off a LARGE space in the yard & “hop to it”, and get to work.
Hope it’s not too late to plant stuff, like zinnia’s, daliah’s, day lillies,ect.
WOULD THIS MACHINE fit in a 4-door sedan w/the window rolled down?
please advice

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Answer by infoman89032
would be easier than a hoe but you really need the grass gone before trying it yes they work great on dirt not so good on grass no not a tiler you would want to use call someone look in the phone book or ask around local gardenstores maybe you can find someone who can do it for you i thin it might be best so you dont til off a foot

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  1. rent one and rent a trailer to get it home. the rental agent will give you some tips on safety etc. Wear gloves for a good grip and glasses or goggles to protect your eyes. make sure there are NO underground electrical wires – call dig safe to be sure. Not to late to plant unless you live in Maine maybe

  2. I have.. it’s a lot of work, but like an earlier answerer said, it’s better than hoeing.

    Get a rear-tined tiller.. they’re much easier on the back.

    and no.. it’s not gonna fit in your car.. see if the rental agency would deliver it for you and maybe pick it up the next day.

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