How do I get my basil growing again?

Sal J asks: How do I get my basil growing again?
I have a couple of bunnies on my property and I accidentally left my small potted herb garden on the floor of my deck. Well, sure enough, they got to the fennel and the basil…haha…didn’t touch the thyme, rosemary or chives and the fennel is already coming up again. I didn’t have to do a thing it just started growing again and is looking great! However, the basil hasn’t shown an signs of returning…it’s only been a few days but if I need to do anything like snip off the very top to get it to open up a little I just want to know before it’s hopeless….if it’s not already. Of course, the basil is what I use the most so I’d love to get it going again. I’m pretty new to gardening and this is my first herb garden so any advice is helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by skeeosh
From what you say, you still have some of the plant left, so probably it will come back out on its own. Also, if you “pinch” the top out it will get bushier. Lastly, don’t let it bloom – keep pinching the blooms off before they set seed cause the plant will think it is through with its job and begin to stop growing. Sounds crazy I know, but it works.

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