How do i lay this type of patio?

MonkeyMama asks: How do i lay this type of patio?
I like contemporary design but still like some green in my yard and some grass or ground cover. How do I lay this type of patio in my garden? Advice for the planting inbetween or the best type of pavers to use? Examples below! How do I prep the ground and lay the stones and do i need cement or anything?,2159,HGTV_16257_1100,00.html?searchType=Portfolio&Room=DP+OUTDOORS&Style=&Designer=&SearchPositionIndex=38,2159,HGTV_16257_652,00.html?searchType=Portfolio&Room=DP+OUTDOORS&Style=&Designer=&SearchPositionIndex=73,2159,HGTV_16257_1490,00.html?searchType=Portfolio&Room=DP+OUTDOORS&Style=&Designer=&SearchPositionIndex=3

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Answer by Kacky
There are a couple of ways. You can sweep good soil in and plant it, or just place your stones and then cut sod to fit around them.
When I was starting out, I dug individual spots for the pavers and poured sand in under them, but the ground swallowed them up within 2 years. So preparation is the key.

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