Hydroponics gardening Is it gud or not?

asks: Hydroponics gardening Is it gud or not?
Please help me out I just wanna some g8 advice for hydroponics gardening..help me out!!!!!!!………reply as soon as possible its urgent???????????

watch dis link its interesting http://www.hydroponics1.co.uk/

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Answer by Sam S.
No, it produces huge specimens of produce but they are totally tasteless.

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  1. I know all about Hydro, I used to grow my own ‘herbs’ for about ten years using various hydro, aero and plain old soil techniques. I even developed a few strains of my own.

    If you are starting out though I would definately use soil to learn the plant. It is a much more forgiving medium and the growth rate really isn’t so much better with hydro to make it worth the risks involved. Soil is also cheaper to start out with and allows you to use more common domestic nutrients etc.

    Try using soil first then after 5-10 grows consider whether you need to go hydro. If you do want to do it then use a bubbler system for simplicities sake (at first).

    Hydro does not make the finished product better in any way, it simply allows slightly better access to the nutrients, water and air which makes the plants grow faster (by about 5%).

    The things to get right are the strain you grow, the timing of the lights, the light levels, the nutrients and the curing of the plants afterwards. Get any of it wrong and you are looking at a lot of expensive and wasted time.

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