I want a tea garden. Advice?

Shawn asks: I want a tea garden. Advice?
I want to start an indoor tea garden or have a box hanging on my windowsill. Any suggestions as to which teas to plant and how fast they grow and the climate they grow in? I live in New Jersey so it does get cold in the winter. Any information on tea and herb growing is very much apreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by sciencegravy
You can grow all manner of herbs used in teas in a windowbox. Also inside, if your container is placed in a very sunny window. Easier than both of those is planting in the ground in a sunny spot. Generally, you won’t even need to water your herb garden once it’s established.

I grow several finds of mint, and other herbs that are used in teas, like lemon balm, catnip, fennel, raspberry, thyme, yarrow, and even dandelion. There are lots more.

A traditional tea shrub would be hard to grow in new jersey. But there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying fresh-steeped herb teas that you grew yourself!

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  1. Tea, as in Camelia siniensis? You don’t have the right conditions in New Jersey. There is only one place that grows tea commercially in the US, and its a small island off the coast of South Carolina.

    You may be able to grow herbs you can use in tea, like tulsi or chamomile, but even those aren’t going to do well in your window in winter.

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