I’m trying to grow Cilantro, anybody got any advice on the care of this herb?

avonwrenn@sbcglobal.net asks: I’m trying to grow Cilantro, anybody got any advice on the care of this herb?
I’ve just started a small indoor herb garden. All my herbs look great but the Cilantro. Does it need fertilizer?

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Answer by Raina
yeah… don’t kill it like I did. 🙂 I don’t really know what I did wrong. I think Cilantro needs a lot of sun. I had it in a window that didn’t get much sun. Fertilizer probably wont hurt, either.

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  1. I always plant mine in a sunny corner (outside) and ignore it for a while; it seems to like to be ignored, not watered except by rain, and generally left alone, soon you’ll walk by it, remember it, and you’ll have a big clump of cilantro.
    Spread a little compost around the plant, it will thank you later

  2. Cilantro tends to need a lot of light, poorer soil and drier conditions…don’t fertilize, move to bright light and reduce watering…never tried it indoors but those are the condions mine likes outdoors.

  3. You have some good answers already. Lots of sun, not too much water, good drainage, a little compost to keep the ground moist, cut it back periodically. Plant it and they will come.

  4. My guess is that you’re over-watering it. The soil should be moist, but not wet; people tend to kill plants with kindness, so you’re not the first. Let the soil dry out between waterings; also be sure it is getting enough light. If the leaves look dry, then it could be getting too much, but it’s hard to give most herb plants too much, even in direct sun. Good luck!

  5. If you’re planting it outside, I’d suggest putting some type of fencing around it such as a small dome made out of chicken wire. We love cilantro but so do rabbits. It’s often the first herb they go for.

  6. is it drying out? what is the problem…cilantro usually grows well under any condition…and flowers…maybe to much water??????????more info needed

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