Mini worm farm advice and help?

TravelingGal asks: Mini worm farm advice and help?
We want to make a very small worm farm. However, can;t seem to find information as far as how often we need to change the dirt and how many square foot as not to exceed. And, how fast do they multiply?

We will be using the worms for the wild birds, fishing and the garden.
Soory, that’s confusing. How many worms per square foot?

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Answer by luther
I made a small worm farm and it failed. I learned later that my use of redwood to contain the soil was poison to redworms. Just a tip.

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  1. Vermiculture, using worms to compost is very simple really, you never need to change dirt, they live in rotting food, fruit and vegetable matter, grass clippings, news paper. start by getting some food scraps together let them age for a week or so, cover with shredded news paper, that has been soaked in water. cover this container, get some worms, red wigglers, and put them under the news paper. they will usually double in number each month if everything is right. there is a ton of stuff on the web about this subject.

    square foot is a measurement for a wall, or floor space, maybe you mean cubic foot, you could have thousand(s) in a cubic foot

  2. check out for more info.
    You can get worms from them too with live delivery guarantee to get you started….red wigglers are best to start with.

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