need some advice on rose plantation?

ramya asks: need some advice on rose plantation?
Hi, i am looking for the best rose plant which i can put in my garden this week.. and which continues to grow till fall. Can anybody suggest some good ones?? And i also want to know some flower plants which blooms well in spring-summer-fall weather. Thank u so much.

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Answer by normy in garden city
There is a large variety of roses that are disease resistant. There are also a lot of them that are not. Make sure you check the labels after you find the color you want. A combination of marigolds and salvias make a colorful blend that will last all summer.

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  1. Try John F Kennedy rose…its white and grows rather well. Also try Mr. Licoln….its a deep red rose. Both of these will survive winters if you mulch over them for the winter. Both are very fragrant…Mr lincoln has the typical rose smell and JFK has a sweet smell.

  2. This is a hard question to answer because the success of a rose plant is largely determined by where you live.

    Here is a great suggestion: Go to your local newspaper’s website. (If you live in a smaller-sized town, pick the largest city near you.) Use the newspaper’s “search” function and type in “rose varieties”. You should hopefully find a few articles that mention good rose varieties for your area.

    You need to know what Plant Zone you are in. To find that go to:

    Once you know that, you can begin exploring websites that sell roses. Exploring rose websites allows you to see what the rose looks like in full-bloom. You can also eliminate rose varieties that don’t perform well in your zone.

    You mentioned that you are interested in a variety that blooms throughout the seasons. You need to look for a roses that are classified as “repeat blooming”. Some varieties only bloom once. Some varieties bloom continously.

    If you are new to roses, try Knockout Roses. These are varieties of roses that are highly disease-resistant and bloom continously from spring until winter. Here is more information about Knockouts and where to buy them:

    Here are some more resources where you can learn about roses:

    David Austin Roses:

    Weeks Roses:

    Roses for Organic Gardens:,7518,s1-5-18-176,00.html

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