what can i do about my neighbors kids coming in my front garden?

sarah n asks: what can i do about my neighbors kids coming in my front garden?
my neighbors kids and there friends keep coming on my front garden as a little game of theres to try and annoy me ive spoke to the parents and they have done nothing about it what else can i do to keep them off my garden any advice would be great thankyou.

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Answer by kkxo123
i say you get sprinkalers and turn them on when they come

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  1. Put up “No Trespassing” signs and inform your neighbor that you will not tolerate their kids trespassing on your property. If the parents still do not cooperate in making an effort to keep their kids under control, call the police.

  2. Put a no trespassing sign in the yard and then put a board with some small nails in it so they will get them stuck in their foot this should stop them and if you have a sign up you are protected ! Just say you dont know where it came from.

  3. I think lida had a pretty good answer but I would speak to the parents–nicely— put up a no trespassing sign, and when they go into your garden, take pictures of them. Then you have enough proof when you are fed up enough to call the police or take them to court for ruining your garden. No proof-you lose. Proof–you win!

  4. Put up a sign, KEEP OUT.

    You could spray them with a water hose.

    When the parents get bad, tell them they are in your garden and in your way and keep them out of your garden.

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