gardening woes…?

jamie_collins1978 asks: gardening woes…?
I am starting a flower garden and i have found a lot of rocks (small and medium size), glass, old roots. Should I dig out this soil and buy new soil or is this soil ok to use? Thanks for the advice.

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Answer by Doormat
Fresh sterile soil is a definite plus. Digging out that old junk can be a little dangerous though. Gloves and a stiff garden rake are rec commended. Your flowers will really appreciate the new food laden soil too. Good luck TC

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  1. If this is a beginner garden just clean it up. Plant flowers that will not nee a lot of care. Use a over the counter fertilizer. M gro is the most common

  2. Use a sieve or screen to remove as much of the junk as you can. Use top soil when you are done.

  3. Clear out all the rocks and glass etc. put in some Good topsoil, and maybe a small amount of sand (if you have hard clay soil) a small amount of manure, not alot, work it into you garden soil as well as you can, then pick your flowers and go. If you have the money get Miracle-Grow top soil, it has alot of extra nutrients and its a good start for your new plants. Good Luck

  4. Just starting?? Well if your going to keep it up for a long time. Dig out the junk, new top soil is cheaper than bandaids , and pulling old weeds & junk , and looks nicer

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