what are some easy veggies to grow for a first time gardener?

Lucky asks: what are some easy veggies to grow for a first time gardener?
i live in illinois its still pretty chilly. highs around 40’s. im looking for ideas in starting a little garden. any ideas or advice?

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Answer by alvarz
Cherry tomatoes,,,those are the little ones,,they grow like weeds.
Cucumbers,,,just plant the seeds right up against a chain link fence, they will climb all by themselves.

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  1. Tomatoes and Peppers (if you are a chili head). Onions are easy as well.

    With that combo you are on your way to homemade salsa. 🙂

  2. radishes, tomato PLANTS, pepper plants, after the last frost.
    maybe beginning in May.

  3. It’s still cold to plant up there. You need to go to a gardening website and find out your zone, you do that by putting in your zip code. This way you can tell when is the best time to plant in your area
    Leaf lettuce is easy and as soon as your last freeze date is close you can plant that, also radishes, carrot, scallions–all of these you sow when cooler and thin (pick out a few when first coming up) so that there is room for the others to form.
    Cucumbers are easy, you can buy in the prepotted already growing variety because you won’t need many plants to get lots of them. Squash is easy, cantaloupe isn’t too hard and same you’ll get lots if you plant too much. These three will get droopy if they need water, watch all these close if super hot, you may have to water twice a day, or at least everyday.
    You could probably go ahead and plant the cole crops–broccoli isn’t too hard.

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