3 Must Know Japanese Gardening Tips to Create a Breathtaking Japanese Garden

3 Must Know Japanese Gardening Tips to Create a Breathtaking Japanese Garden

If you have done a little reading on Japanese gardening before this, you should know that Japanese gardens focus on themes like serenity, peacefulness and calmness. It seems quite hard for an ordinary gardener like me and you to create a garden that is able incorporate the themes above. However, there are some styles and elements that we must always implement so that the themes can slowly move into place.

Boundaries for Attention

If you have a magazine on Japanese gardening, look at the photos. Do they have a bamboo fence that act as a boundary? Apart from acting as a boundary to separate the Japanese garden from the rest of your garden, it also acts as a boundary to separate different parts within your Japanese garden.

One creative and pleasing way to build a boundary for your garden will be to tie the bamboo poles together with a rope. You must also make sure that your bamboo poles are planted deep into the soil because it may be disastrous if they fall and hit on some of your precious features during a shower.

Non-Living Features for Garden Decoration

The major element of a Japanese garden is not the plants but the non-living features such as water, rocks, different types of gravel and decoration items. Water will be the primary feature among all. A small water feature such as a mini waterfall can instantly enhance the whole atmosphere of your garden.

Placing rocks of the right sizes and colors along the pathway will also help creating a few resting points for you and your garden visitors. Decoration items like a fake deer, a mini tea house or a shrine can be arranged using your creativity to add a few surprises for your sight when having a glance at your own masterpiece.

Nicely Planned Pathway for the Perfect Experience

A pathway should lead to places that people intend to go but for a Japanese garden, a pathway is built according to the gardener’s likings. A gardener knows best when it comes to what features should be glanced from a distance and what features deserve a closer admiration.

People often lay huge oddly shaped stepping stones on gravel to build their Japanese garden path. Do take note that you must not join all the stones together. Instead, space them up a little. The reason for doing so is that the space will slow people down so that they can have the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery that is placed in front of them.

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