5 top tips to have a great garden for the summer

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5 top tips to have a great garden for the summer

Article by Darrell F

Getting the best out of your garden for the summer months need not require an extreme effort on your part, getting the flower beds looking their best or performing some simple lawn care can change your gardens appearance overnight here are a few summer garden tips.

Plants such as the bellflower (Campanula poscharskyana) combine their leaves to cover anything that you want to conceal or improve, for example, an ugly low wall. In mild sun and shadowed areas it does very well giving a good blanket of colourful cover. Where the sunlight for this lush flower is not sufficient, English ivy, an evergreen trailing plant can hide unsightly intrusions in the garden these blend well with a lush green lawn, advice should be sought on the best grass type for your soil conditions.

With concrete formed rocks, you can utilize steep slopes and turn them into blooming gardens that transform an otherwise useless slope. Using large numbers of the natural or quality fake rocks that will over time become largely obscured by plants, such as flowering shrubs, like brooms or winter jasmine with their drooping branches nicely complimenting the harsh rock. If you are clever with the rocks you can even build a small terrace for a lawn, care will be needed to make sure this area can not be washed away.

Bedding and borders can be done with simple optical tricks to fool the eye, such as planting beds in the form of diamonds, triangles and circles inside the borders this always looks interesting and gives an exuberance of flowers with interesting colour combinations. Interweaving beds with a small irregular shaped lawn, care and a lot of thought are needed to bring a succession of different blooms to combine with the green of the grass.

Fruit trees, and slow growing large shrubs are the ideal partner for climbing plants. Particularly suitable are the so-called rambler with very long, soft shoots, for example, Callistemon Pearsonii or Rocky Rambler just tie the loose stems repeatedly onto the tree as they both grow to produce an interwoven combination of the two plants. A rambling rose can be used in the same way for an exotic effect that looks sumptuous in the middle of a lawn, advice as to the type of suitable grass for an area that will be eventually overshadowed by your tree should be taken.

Wire mesh and wire mesh fences are cheap easy to install and practical, but often they just do not look decorative. Climbing remedies, such as roses, and ivy like Variegated Flowering Ivy, Variegated German Ivy or even Turtle Ivy will obscure the fence and yet at the same time offer a good mix of ornate flower and vibrant green leaves. Alternatively, you can use hollyhocks, which are available in countless colours and can effortlessly enhance your fence.

All of these ideas will look poor if you do not combine them with proper and continuous lawn care to provide the main canvass for your other designs, if you are not sure how to best maintain your grass then take some lawn advice from one of the very helpful online gardening advice sites.

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