A Cottage Garden Design Is Beautiful And Practical

A Cottage Garden Design Is Beautiful And Practical

Article by Ann Marier

The image of a cottage as opposed to a house is most complimentary. When one thinks of a cottage, the image is of comfort, beauty and serenity. A cottage design garden is all of those things and more. A garden can make a dramatic difference in any property and a cottage garden design could make a dramatic difference in the atmosphere and appearance of any property. A cottage garden design might first bring images of a very tidy garden, but a cottage garden design is more than just a very neatly kept garden space.

The cottage design garden is not limited to the cultivated areas around a small cottage. A cottage garden design could be established around many different types of structures and there could be this type of design that is not established around any kind of structure.

A cottage design garden can be defined by the structure and the plants in the garden rather than the structure around which it is established. The name cottage garden design refers to a particular style of garden. This garden style has been used for thousands of years, and this type of garden is still currently used.

A Cottage Garden Design Has A Fruitful History

A cottage garden design developed during the time when international trade became possible, and people started to find a vast variety of plants from different places. Some of these plants grew better than others, and some of these plants lasted longer than others. They had many choices that they never had before.

Simple gardeners first used these plants that looked great and had stamina in their gardens. The new and different plants that looked great soon became popular in the gardens of the people who had more beautiful homes and estates.

Some people still have this type of garden in their homes, but these gardens must be carefully tended. The plants are beautiful and not the easiest to cultivate. A busy person does not have hours to work in the garden. In the modern day, people are so busy that they do not have a great deal of extra time. They spend long days on the job and do not have a great deal of time after working hours to spend in their garden.

They want to have a garden but one that is easy to tend. Many people do not have the means to employ experts to take of their gardens. People do not often cultivate cottage garden designs because they tend to use plants that are easier to care for and are native to their own area.

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