Accessorizing Your Garden

Accessorizing Your Garden

The main attraction of your backyard garden is most likely the flowers and plants. You can add other attractions to your garden as well. There are several accessories that will add some character to your garden, and make it unique, as well as being functional.

Borders: Borders and edging will help to define your garden space, as well as helping to keep your lawn out of your planting beds. Your border can be as simple as a row of stones or bricks along the edge of the flowerbed, or you can use landscaping timbers set your garden apart. If you go to your local garden store, you’ll find several varieties of edging and border fences that you can place along the outside of your flowerbeds, to define the space, and keep the garden and lawn separate.

Signs & Row Markers: You can find a variety of row markers and signs at your local gardening store to help to identify various flowers and plants in your garden. You can find whimsical or serious signs, in wood, plastic, or metal. A few of these signs will add a touch of color and design to the garden.

Lawn Toys & Sculptures: I’ll admit, garden gnomes and pink flamingos are the definition of tacky. At the same time, they can set your garden apart, and make it unique. Gardening doesn’t have to be serious. Place some pinwheels or windsocks around your garden, and add some color and appeal to your garden. You don’t need to spend a lot for this type of decor. If you go to your local flea market or garage sales, you’ll find a lot of things that you can use to decorate your garden. How about a brightly painted old watering can? Or maybe you can find an old wagon that you can put in your garden as a planter. Just let your imagination run wild.

Birdbaths: It can be very enjoyable just watching the little birds splashing around in the water. A birdbath will attract birds to your garden, where you can enjoy watching their antics. Some birds may even be beneficial to your garden, eating harmful bugs, and keeping them away from your plants.

Garden Furniture: If you have a garden, you might as well enjoy it. You can find garden benches at your local home improvement store. A well placed bench or chair will give you a place to sit while you enjoy your garden. You can find garden furniture in metal, resin, wood, or stone, in a variety of styles to match your garden’s decor.

Fountains: There is just something relaxing about the sound of flowing water. You don’t need a lot of space for a fountain. You can find small fountains with hidden pumps that you can tuck away in a corner of your garden, where you can enjoy the sound of water trickling over the stones of the fountain. If you have more space, you could install a bigger fountain, or even dig a pond, complete with goldfish or koi. A fountain or pond will definitely help to bring serenity and relaxation to your pond.

Your garden can be more than just a group of plants. You can add a wide variety of decor accessories to make your garden unique, and to make it more relaxing for you. Use your imagination, and make your garden your own.

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