Advice on plants?

D N asks: Advice on plants?
I have a very large garden area, I need to fill with plants. I need plants that stay alive all year. I would like some that grow to 2 ft. or less. I have lillies(the kind you see a lot planted at businesses) and impatiens(sp) and they both do well. The garden has spots where there is full sun and some with full shade. Also I’m on a tight budget
I live in San Diego and I’m trying to avoid seasonal plants, completely if possible. Oh, and no cacti 🙂

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Answer by Sue D
You could get some ground covering like english ivy or monkey grass.They will fill in empty spots and be managable.

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  1. WATER,,, that is your main concern.
    Impatiens will grow and reproduce each year with great soil and filtered shade. Lillies will grow if the have sun, first and water, second.

    I fertilize but water and sun are the two biggies.

  2. Depending on where you live azaleas would be pretty. They now have varieties that bloom 3-4 times a year and they stay green all year. They’re called Encore azaleas. You could fill in with monkey grass and seasonal bedding plants.

  3. Now is a great time to get bulbs. I got 40 daffodils at HD for about $ 7. And more bulbs are dutch irises, freesias, sparaxis, etc. They come up pretty reliably every year, like full sun and well drained soil. And another place to get great plants that should do well in your area are church garage sales. They are also usually very reasonably priced.

  4. Would you be interested in sharing cuttings? Trying to put together a little network of plant people. More on that later.

    Zinnia, gardenia, gerbera daisy, crysanthemum…lots and lots of beauties.

  5. For shade hostas are great and will come back larger every year. You can also dig up and separate to make 2 plants out of 1. They are very hardy!

    For sun, I like russian sage, its purple and it increases in size every year. Also things like butterfly pincushion is very pretty (light purple, long bloom time), dianthus you can get in all colors, these can be separated as well. You cant buy these this time of year but Lowes is the place to get them in Spring.

    They are 3 bucks for a small containers, can be separated after the first year. Hostas in early fall…walmart will mark them down to 2 bucks, then down to 1.50. Its a little late to be buying stuff now because most stores only carry mums for fall.

    Good luck to you! 🙂

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