An Italian Herb Garden

by Ennor

An Italian Herb Garden

Ever heard of something called Italian Herb seasoning? It comes in a bottle and costs a lot. It would really be great if you could grow all these Italian herbs right in your own home. You would have so many herbs at your disposal for you to use whenever you want to add some flavor to spice up your recipes. This is a lot easier than it seems.

A herb is a quite wonderful plant that beautifies your garden and also give flavor to the food that you cook. Herb gardens that are grown at home are becoming more and more popular as the number of people willing to experiment with new herbs in their food keeps on increasing.

When we speak of herb beds, it is the Italian herb garden beds that have gained the most popularity among all herbs. You can quite easily change a small little garden space into a beautiful herb garden.

Some of the most common plants grown in a Italian herb garden include sage, basil, rosemary, parsley and oregano.

You can grow these herbs quite easily anywhere where there is enough sun. This might even be a window box or a patio pot.

Here is a little help with the herbs that you should grow in a Italian herb garden which is mentioned above.

Sage – This is a very hardy herb and has a very powerful flavor that surely packs a solid punch. It is a herb that grows in any soil as long as it has a lot of sun. You can use this herb for flavoring while making pork, poultry or rabbit. You can also use it for flavoring your sausages. You can use the sage leaves either dried or fresh and they can also be stored for usage later.

Basil – This is a herb that is considered by most of the country as a tender annual. It grows best in patio pots.

You can use it well with tomatoes and it is used a lot in Italian preparations. You can either use the leaves fresh or freeze them for use throughout the year.

Rosemary – This is also tender like Basil but it is a perennial herb. It also prefers patio pots or window boxes. It gives a gourmet touch to any meat it is used in. You can again use the leaves either dried or fresh and can even store them.

Parsley – This herb is known around the world as a garnish. It has an unique flavor. It is a biennial herb and likes a lot of sun but can also thrive when planted in the ground or in patio pots. You can toss this herb into a salad and get yourself a refreshing treat.

Oregano – If you do not contain this herb it will take over your herb bed and that is never a good thing. It should be pruned regularly to contain it. Another option you have is to grow it like a container plant. It does well here too. You sprinkle the fresh leaves over sauces or in meats. It is wonderful when added to pizza sauce. You should store the leaves , after drying, in a glass container if you want to keep them for longer.

As you continue to experiment you will find new flavors and other varieties of existing flavors as well. Do not feel afraid to experiment. But remember to research what you are doing properly before doing so.

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