An Organic Food Garden For Year Round Delicious Vegetables

An Organic Food Garden For Year Round Delicious Vegetables

Organic gardening is the practice of growing vegetables, herbs and fruits relying only things found in nature. An organic gardener aspires to work in harmony with natural systems and to minimize and continually replenish any of the resources the garden consumes. Organic gardening is a simple way to ensure that you are growing the highest-quality produce in a sustainable way that is healthy for the plants and the planet. It is an environmentally friendly, people friendly style of gardening. Organic gardening methods can be utilized by virtually anyone to create and maintain sustainable gardens, in the city or country.

Gardening the organic way is growing without chemical fertilizers, naturally building the soil to support healthy plant life. Chemical fertilizers and additives will, over time, damage the soil’s ability to provide what plants need to resist disease, insect attacks, and stress. Organic gardening is the oldest method of cultivation, it’s good for your family, and it’s less expensive to do! You will find that organic vegetable gardening may become the most rewarding hobby, or lifestyle, you have ever undertaken. Organic gardening is for the spiritually inclined. We know there is something inherently magical about the earths ability to produce healthy food and beautiful plants.

A close sibling to the field of small-scale organic agriculture, organic vegetable gardening is an effective way to grow healthy lifestyle food. When the scientific and industrial developments of the mid to late 18th century began to view soil as a “sterile medium to hold plants” the advent of “chemical farming was soon to emerge. Organic gardening is much more than eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic gardeners strive to work in conjunction with nature, and view their gardens and landscapes as part of a natural system that begins with the soil and includes insects, plants, the water supply, wildlife and humans. Gardening organically is a skill in itself, but you shouldn’t start anything without a solid plan. With a good plan gardening will save you the time and expense of shopping.

Organic vegetable gardening is not a new concept, but it is an increasingly popular type of gardening. But organic means different things to different people. Organic gardening is the use of natural compost and manure to fertilize and grow plants and flowers. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used to protect the plants. Organic gardening is becoming more popular now as people try to live a healthier greener life and spend less money in the process. For those who live in a city or in an apartment or a condo setting with very limited outdoor space or backyards, it has always been difficult to grow their own vegetables. Using planters and minimal effort, you can create a viable all year organic food garden.

One way that you can reduce pesticide use and get nature to help control any pests or diseases is through organic gardening methods. For example, do one or two dandelions or daisies in the lawn mean that the whole lawn needs treatment? Organic gardening methods are important but sustainable principles are far more important on a shrinking planet. A rice farmer in the hot dessert could be certified as organic, but he wouldn’t have a sustainable operation because the water needed for growing rice is not free-flowing in the dessert.

Organic gardening methods are characterized by an emphasis on building soil quality, thereby avoiding chemicals to control weeds and pests. An essential element in building soil health is compost. This can be bought at nurseries that supply organic gardening needs. For the urban dweller, organic vegetable gardening can be more of a challenge but the rewards are well worth it. A good organic gardening book is a good way to get started.

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