Brindavan Gardens – The Mesmerizing Terrace Gardens

Brindavan Gardens – The Mesmerizing Terrace Gardens

The renowned Brindavan Gardens are known for their symmetric designs, which are quite notable in their true sense. These gardens are one of the few famous terrace gardens, where mystic aura comes through the magnificence magic of scenic splendor.

Locate Brindavan Gardens – History Speaks!

Sir Mirza Ismail, who was Mysore city’s Dewan during the time of the princely states, oversaw the construction of these Brindavan Gardens at the site of the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam, in the Srirangapatna taluk of the Mandya district. The dam complex embraced its beauty galore in the arms of Sir Mirza.

It might be wrong to call the Brindavan Gardens as the prototype of Kashmir’s Mughal styled Shalimar Gardens, but it has taken its design roots from there itself.

Coming ahead a few years from there, in 1927, the Horticulture dept.

started the work on this garden. At that time, these Brindavan Gardens were known as the Krishnarajendra Terrace Gardens. At present, these Brindavan Gardens extends over a 60 acre land area, and is arrayed in 3 terraces that end in something like a horseshoe shape.

On Your Toes to Brindavan

Brindavan Gardens are just 24 km away from the Karnataka’s very renowned cultural heritage centre. If you are coming from the capital city, Bangalore, you can reach this garden after a 143 km drive. You can rent a car in Bangalore if you wish to enjoy a nice drive on 6 track highway. Krishnaraja Sagar dam complex, where this garden is located, is built across Cauvery river, which comes as a primal name when we talk of the rivers in Southern India.

Facile Fetch of the Facilities Info

Garden has many terraces, fountains, parterres, water-channels that run and cascade, chutes of water, plush plantation in lush lawns, green-belts, floral beds, shrub-shack and tantalizing-trees.

In the current time, Brindavan Gardens are known over the world for their out-of-the-world beauty, grand opulence and illumination coming through the magical musical fountains.

Terrace slopes slide down in the splendor of multihued Bougainvilleas and patterned plants.

Attractions to Catch

Fountaining It Out

This is a public park having many fantastic fountains illuminating in multi-colored lights. These lighted waters changing colors are the must-see in the evenings. Evenings give a sight-delight with these musically-lit-fountains.

These fountains bring in the enchantment here at Brindavan gardens, especially in the evenings when the Sun is dim but fountain lights are bright. If you are hiring a car in Bangalore to reach here, the ideal time to start would be somewhere after the lunchtime. Compare the prices with a couple of car agencies in Bangalore to get good deals.

On Your Boating Spree

There is a beautiful boating pond in the middle of the Brindavan gardens, where you can enjoy your boat ride.

Information You Might Need

· Garden opens for the Public at 6.30 A.M. in the morning and closes at 9.00 P.M. in the night

· Some facilities include boarding & lodging provision in hotels and Bungalows

· You can board a bus to Brindavan Gardens as many Government-run and private-run buses operate and ply on these routes

· Entry fee is charged for adults, and not for children below 5 years age

· You can watch the fountains in their full color and lights approximately between 7.00 P.M to 8.30 P.M, the timings vary in each season.

· Sad but true, you cannot capture the scenic beauty of these gardens in your camera as Videography is not allowed. In fact, you might even penalized a fine of 50 bucks if you are caught using the camera without permission. 


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