Colour Changing Garden Lights

Colour Changing Garden Lights

Garden lights are used in most homes today because they give people a way to use their outdoor spaces such as a garden or patio during the day time and at night. In order to convert a garden or patio into a setting that is more suited for a party or a romantic dinner, garden lights are often used. They can transform the look and atmosphere exuded by any exterior space outside a house.

Their appeal is not only aesthetic, as they can also be quite practical. Having them on is a form of security during night time, and it can help prevent accidents by lighting up places that don’t have any natural light at night.

Different types of colour changing lights

Colour changing garden lights can be found in as many varieties as normal single colour garden lights. Colour changing floodlights are available for extremely large garden spaces, while colour changing spotlights can be used to directly illuminate an area to create a dramatic lighting effect.

These lights can be used for entertainment and can be very relaxing.

Different colours give the option of setting the tone of the evening and night by choosing the right colour, all with one set of garden lights.

Powering your lights

Colour changing garden lights are electricity based, but there are varieties that use batteries. Remotes are available so that the colour can be changed without having to approach the light. A wide variety of colours are available, and colours can be chosen as preferred by the customer.

Some lights can change through the colours of the rainbow, while others can only display two or three colours. They can be set to a timer so that the colours change at a specific time interval, or can be set to change at random intervals.

Low voltage colour changing garden lights are available.

These garden lights give the same effect as higher powered garden lighting systems, but at a much lower voltage. Some have the ability to work on as little as twelve volts of electricity, which is significantly lower than the 110 or 120 volts found in wall plugs.

Solar colour changing lights are available that are powered by the sun charge during the day and run on their batteries by night.

Lights such as these are perfect to be placed near trees or on the ground around a pond, as their light will reflect on the leaves and the water, giving a beautiful glow of many colours and creating a great atmosphere.

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