Confidence Quotes

Confidence Quotes

Confidence is regarded as positive thinking, courage to take initiative, and knowledge of rightness of decision and choice. Confidence is considered as the most essential element for success. Many people who succeeded in their lives and achieved their aims through struggle defined confidence in different words. Every one depicted confidence using precise and accurate words. These words are called confidence quotes. Other people use these confidence quotes to guide themselves towards success.

Confidence quotes are usually alternative words or phrases for defining one and same thing. However, variation of words and different styles of narration make it essay for others to understand what confidence is. Not all people can understand things in the same way; different people have different context and perspectives so they understand things in their relative perspective.

Confidence quotes are different ways of defining confidence using different perspectives of people who succeeded. In other words, these are the triggers of success in others, whenever, perspective of reader matches with perspective of confidence quotes reader gets the courage to move forward and take initiative.

Perspective of confidence quotes varies. For example, there are two confidence quotes. First one “The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure” (, 2011) is by Sven Goran Eriksson  and the other is by Mark Twain “All you need is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure” (, 2011).

It can be easily understood from these that both are saying the same thing but one is highlighting the fear factor directly and the other is referring to it through ignorance. Hence, people who have fear will understand better from first of the above stated confidence quotes that the main hurdle to their success is their fear while other people who have enjoyed ignorance as major reason of their success would click at second quote as the best method of defining reason behind their success. 

Now the question arise how to find the best one for oneself out of bundle of confidence quotes. The easiest methods would be to open a book of quotes and go to pages for confidence quotes and start reading until you find the most compelling one for you or to browse internet for the same purpose. Although these are the easiest methods but these are not the recommended ones as it would be least effective. You would become a quote book but you will never have the one that can lead you to the success. Mostly the best confidence quotes are found impulsively. There are two recommended methods of finding the best suitable quotes. First, you must listen to the elders, how they narrate their success or go to meet someone who has capability of narrating experience of life in few words. They may be your teacher or your colleague or any successful celebrity that inspires your. The second method would be to look for hope when you are desperate. Look at everything around you for having a positive notion. Soon you will find the best quote.

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