Container Gardens-Makes your garden rich

Container Gardens-Makes your garden rich

Article by richardrich

Generally in occasions like birthday, marriages, Christmas or house warming now people prefer container gardens instead of flowers.

Basically container gardens means planning gardens exclusively in containers instead of planning them on ground. This method is also useful where soil is not suitable for plants. There are few advantages for container gardens like mobile plants gives more control over moisture, temperature & sunlight. It also provides less risk of dieses due to soil-burn.

These containers for container gardens range from simple plastic pots, teacups to complex watering systems. They can also give great look to your home if you arrange so at your flexibility and choice. These container gardens are most popular with plastic material.

These container gardens can have with two types of plants: indoor plants and outdoor plants. In indoor plants there can be chilli plant, gardenia indoor plant, heliconia plant, herb garden indoor, indoor herb garden gondola- granite effect, orchid – large phalaenopsis, orchid – small phalaenopsis and many more.

There can be wide range of varieties in pots for container gardens. There can be indoor plant plot, plastic trough planter, window plot, zinc window box and much more. You can select any of these according to your requirement and choice. There are lots of accessories for container gardens for children. With those accessories like Burgon& ball plant labels and floral hand trowel children can have fun with container gardens maintenance work.

There are also specific accessories for container gardens. Those container gardens’ accessories include aluminium trowel, Burgon& Ball Stainless steel hand trowel, collapsible bucket, organic fertilizer, organic potato & vegetable feed, potting compost and wine crate.

Main advantage of container gardens is flexibility. With help of container gardens you can have your plants where traditional garden is impossible to grow or think. In urban apartments you don’t have enough space for traditional gardens and all but in that apartment also you can have your green area with help of container gardens. Another advantage with container gardens is their mobility. With traditional garden you can’t change plant’s place frequently but with container garden you can. Even if you wanted to shift your plant in winter and in summer at different place, with container garden you can do it.

Hanging gardens are most famous with indoor pots. Also indoor herb can grow with container gardens. Now a day, people also grow vegetables in container gardens. With vegetables in container gardens, they can enjoy fresh vegetables without traditional garden also. In vegetables to grow tomato in container gardens is very much famous. There is also good possibility of organic container gardens. You need some natural fertilisers as fish and stuff to make them grow well.

You can also grow carrots and other salad stuff very well in container gardens. For example lettuce, rocket, spring onions and etc do very well in container gardens.

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