Creating a Zen Garden

Creating a Zen Garden

It wasn’t until the mid twentieth century that we had documented knowledge on zen gardens. While the term today can fluctuate between Japanese Zen gardens, or simply Zen gardens. It can describe many different types of gardens, that are thought to bring a zen-like state to your life. It is often-times thought that a zen garden can help to bring you peace within your life. Not only helping you to bring in a soothing atmosphere through work, but the work itself can become therapeutic.

Zen gardens have been seen from zen-temples, dry landscaped gardens, minimal-gardens, or even gardens that have brought in spiritual thoughts and feels. However, in recent years it has become popular to obtain a miniature version of these zen gardens. Often times so small that they can be used to decorate one’s home or office with ease. Either using sand, plant life, or rocks to create a beautiful zen-garden that can be enjoyed in any walk of life; despite the lack or abundance of space.

While you might know what a Zen garden is, did you know that they are actually called karesansui? Of which loosely translates into “Dry garden”. While it is traditional to find these karesansui gardens outside of temples. They are abundant in homes as well as commercial places of business. While it is termed to be a dry garden, there are several different styles of zen gardens. Not just “dry” gardening or the use of sand and rocks to create a sanctuary like garden.

However, the dry zen garden has become increasingly popular with many world-savvy conservatives. Often times utilized by those who are trying to conserve your precious resource water. Whether you choose to create a full-sized zen garden outside of your home, simply adding a small corner of zen to your pre-existing yard or if you are trying to bring the zen-like state into your home. A zen garden can help you to achieve a feeling of peace. Another plus-side to zen gardening, is it’s simplicity. It is extremely easy to incorporate a zen garden into your life, all while becoming aesthetically appealing to your yard and home.

In this series of articles you will find many different aspects of zen gardening. Allowing you to bring this beautiful style of landscaping into your life. Remember to gather your accessories, whether they be rocks or garden statues before proceeding with this easy yard make-over. Some of which can be found on this very website, to help you achieve the perfect zen garden.

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