Cuprinol Garden Shades and Colour Guide

Cuprinol Garden Shades and Colour Guide

Article by Iainjenkin

Cuprinol Garden Shades are another popular product by Cuprinol. They protect all your garden wooden furniture, patios and decks from sun and water and at the same time, coat the surface with a beautiful long lasting colour. They are available in 54 colours, so you will definitely find the right colour for your garden. The garden shades protect the surfaces so that you can use your Weber Grills and your Miele Cat and Dog Hoover easily without having to worry about any scratches being formed.About Cuprinol Garden ShadesThese Garden Shades can be used on any types of wood sheds, fences, furniture, patios and decks. They provide a stylish and vibrant colour to all the wooden features in your garden. The shades not only add colour to your garden but also protects all your wooden surfaces from rain, sun and other harmful effects that can be caused by varying temperatures and weathers.Garden shades can be applied with a brush but it can also be sprayed to get the job done faster. You can get two types of Cuprinol Garden Shade sprayer, fence sprayers and power sprayers. Both sprayers allow you to get the job done fast and easily, so no matter how big the project, you can apply the shade in no time. With many different colour shades to choose from, you will surely find the right colour for your garden. Depending on the project size, the size of spray or pot you will need to purchase will vary. The Garden Shade is available in sizes of 2.5 litres, 5 litres and 1 litre and you can also get hold of tester pots to see whether the colour is right for your garden.Types of Shades AvailableThere are many different shades available, so be sure to find the right one for your garden. However the most popular and common shares that are purchased are listed below.1. Creamy Shades. They are perfect for gardens that are dull as they brighten up the wood surface. There are four colours available, country cream, pale jasmine, natural stone and sunflower. You can easily mix and match up the colours to make your garden stylish.2. Green Shades. If you want your wooden furniture, fences and so on to blend into your garden, then this shade is for you. This shade will look perfect in all types of gardens as it is very traditional and yet modern.3. Blue Shades. If you want to cool down your garden, then blue shades are great. They brighten up your garden and provide you with a cool and calm atmosphere.If you cannot find the shade that you want, you can easily mix your own shades with the colours they already have. All you need is a tester pot and a large pot of Garden Shade. So if you want to make light baby pink, you will need to buy a large can of white shade and a tester pot of an earthy colour. Before applying the shade, you will need to mix both the colours thoroughly to ensure that the colour is evenly applied on the wooden surface.How to Use the Garden ShadesOnce you have found the perfect shade colour for your garden, you will need to make sure that you apply it on bare wood. The wooden surface needs to be cleaned with water and dried completely. You will also need to make sure it is free from mould, algae or weed. Before applying the Garden Shade, it is advised that you test the colour on a small area so that you are sure you have the perfect colour. You can either paint the shade onto the wooden surface with a brush or a spray. When painting with a brush, you will need to make sure you brush along the grain evenly before letting it to dry. If you are using the spray and by accident you overspray you will need to clean it up immediately with detergent before it dries. It will take roughly 1 hour for the Cuprinol Garden Shade to dry and if a second coat is required, you can go ahead and do it.With many different Cuprinol garden shades available in the market, you will definitely find the right one to make your garden beautiful. So if you decide to have a BBQ on your Weber Grills with your family you can easily put in on the patio or deck in your garden, as it will not scratch the wooden surface. If you have pets and they tend to litter in your garden, you can easily pick up the litter with your Miele cat and dog hoover without damaging the coating or finishing on the wood.

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Iain Jenkins writes articles for Lords of Notting Hill, who offers great garden products to get everything ready for the summer. Using Cuprinol garden shades is recommended to add some colour and liven up weathered garden furniture. As well as Weber grills which are renowned for their quality and excellent BBQ results, other top brands also include the Miele cat and dog hoover, perfect for allergy sufferers.

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