Different Varieties Of Garden Statues And Sculptures

Different Varieties Of Garden Statues And Sculptures

Decorating a garden should be considered as an important part of home improvement. Apart from growing grass beds and different varieties of flowers, you can think of additional decors in the form of garden statues and sculptures. These wonderful garden decoration items have been in use for centuries and are capable of adding a distinct character to the garden area.

The varieties in which garden statues and sculptures are available make them even more exciting for enhancing the personality of the outdoor area. Designed in various parts of the world, these garden decors can be found at stores that import them. Have a look at some of the most important aspects that add to the unlimited varieties of garden area decors.

Popular Garden Statues

Fairies, goblins and various other mythical and mystical characters are popular as garden statues. Gnome statues that people consider as garden guardians are other preferred choices. Going further, you can choose among spiritual and religious figures that add divinity to the outdoor space. Statues of Buddha and Jesus are quite relevant in this regard.

Statues of children, women and couples can add liveliness to the garden area. One of the popular choices is that of ‘four seasons’ garden statues. Animal statues and figurines add to the garden’s natural appeal.

Charming Garden Sculptures

In addition to garden statues, homeowners add other forms of garden sculptures and get them customized according to their tastes. Birdbaths are among the most common sculptures that are capable of inviting little birds to be playful and add to the garden’s glory. Fountains and variety of other waterworks are the popular sculptures for those who wish to have extended natural environment in their gardens. Oversize mushrooms are among the distinguished garden sculptures. In addition, there are many structures like mini pagodas and huts that are simply irresistible.

Variety of Materials

Garden statues and sculptures are made from different materials that add to their varieties. Since ancient times, marble statues have been one of the most popular choices for the makers as well as buyers. In the recent times, statues and sculptures made of wrought iron have gained utmost popularity because of their rustic appeal. Ceramic and concrete are other materials for these decors that are durable enough to withstand the changing weather elements.

You can also find beautiful artworks carved in natural stones that include sandstone and granite. The unusual textures of stone made garden statues are simply pleasant to the eyes. Copper and lead are other choices that are suitable for garden decor installations. Another material that has been increasingly used for outdoor area sculptures is terracotta. These designs add warm and fancy looks to the garden areas. Finally, a huge variety of glass made garden area sculptures can be found available at the stores. The sparkling and glittering qualities of these decors are truly rewarding for a home garden owner.

Garden statues and sculptures can be found in all possible sizes and colors. Customers usually consider their garden themes and budgets while shopping for these wonderful garden additions.

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