Elements of English Garden Landscaping

Elements of English Garden Landscaping

There are many different elements important to an English garden, which basically refers to any garden that uses the elements of gardens from England during the 18th century. The most important elements of English garden landscaping include the actual garden a well as statues and the all important water.

There are many romantic elements in an English garden and you can bet that if it is an English garden it will have a miniature lake or at the very least a pond. Most of the time a bridge or pier is built over the pond as well. English gardens also typically have a pavilion or a gazebo that are round or hexagonal. Sometimes they are even shaped as a Roman temple. Imitation ruins and even a grotto may be included in the garden landscape.

Other elements that may be included in the English garden as well include concrete brick pavers as well as interlocking pavers. They just need to fit in with the surroundings as well. Make sure the colors and the style are appropriate with the other elements you have in your English garden. If you choose to include vinyl fences, which are very durable, you will need to consider the style and color as well so that they look great with the garden.

If you are having trouble imagining an English garden on your land then perhaps you should consider hiring a landscaper to help you. There are many different landscaping companies that can come out to your land, look around, and give you an estimate as to how much it would cost to create an English garden as well as an idea of how they would design the garden. After you have reviewed several different designs and considered the prices then you can choose which one you like best. Just make sure the landscapers you choose know what an English garden should look like and are able to include all the necessary elements like gazebos, water, and yew hedges. Pictures of English gardens in books and on the Internet will give you ideas of what your garden should look like.

Once you have your English garden designed and implemented in your yard then you will be able to enjoy the romantic elements and the privacy the garden avails you. In fact you will feel even more grateful for your beautiful garden and will put extra effort into keeping it looking green and beautiful.

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