Find Success As a Newbie Gardener With These Gardening Tips

by Maia C

Find Success As a Newbie Gardener With These Gardening Tips

Everybody can learn what it takes to be a gardener. Even if you haven’t ever grown a plant before in your life, with some time and effort you can learn how to grow beautiful and extensive gardens. There are a lot of people who are sure that they can’t grow plants because they have yet to grow flowers and vegetable successfully. The truth about gardening is that it is a lot of work; not everyone realizes this. Each plant has different needs and the reason that a lot of newbie gardeners fail is because they think that all plants are the same. Here are some tips that you can use to make your garden more successful.

If you plan on growing different types of plants, put together a schedule and follow it. Schedule watering times for each type of plant. Schedule the times when you need to add nutrients to your garden soil. Map out all of the important stuff on a gardening calendar and then check that calendar every day for instructions. You could even schedule weedings! Planning everything out ahead of time will help you make sure that your garden thrives. When you are just starting out, a written schedule can be a great help to getting your garden started. Have someone teach you how to tell the difference between the plants you have planted and the weeds that will spring up. Lots of new gardeners tend to think that weeds are going to look much different than their chosen garden plants. Unfortunately this is not true: weeds and chosen plants often look quite a bit alike. This means that you could end up undoing a bunch of your hard work without realizing it. Learn how to tell the difference before you start planting. Doing this will save you from a great deal of dismay later.

You can use compost to make your garden healthier. You can do your own composting-you don’t need anything special to do it.

Starting your own compost pile is simple. It can be made from all sorts of stuff that you already have in your house: food scraps (plant based of course), tea bags, old egg shells, dead flowers, old flower cuttings, clippings from when you mow the lawn and even bedding from pet cages can be used in a compost pile. Just leave the meat out of it and your compost pile will be just fine. This is how you make your own home grown fertilizer for your garden!

Gardening doesn’t have to be hard. With the right gardening tricks you can turn your black thumb green with few problems. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of time and research to learn how to be a champion gardener. Practicing is a good idea too. Keep working at it and eventually you should have a thriving garden. Nobody was born knowing instinctively how to create a successful garden-even experts had to start somewhere. Not one single gardener grew a perfect plant the first time he or she tried gardening.

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