Funny Life Quotes

Funny Life Quotes
Welcome to funny life quotes. Do you know what funny life quotes is? Quotes means in Hindi (kahawatein) this is very important to us. Quotes are the 1-4th part of my daily life and off course you know that what funny life is. So, we respect the funny life quotes because they gives a big smile on my face you know these quotes are how much helpful to us? I think you didnt know anyway I explain it. If you are in tension and a lot of worries and if you need a smile on your face then open the internet search on Google funny life quotes and you see many of the pages about your searches. And you can read only one you feel better I take guarantee you cant control your smile you can losses your tensions and worries. Then you can do your work and your work make more easier than before you reading the funny life quotes. Funny life quotes are also meant to be quotes. Thankfully can be mentioned here because everything is a part of life. We can go into marriage and love, life and death, work, school, sickness and health; people in general, history geography, there have been funny life quotes. That refers to all of these and more.
Yes, life could be quite hard in general, but what the heck at least begin have a laugh about it. Here are some quotes being hard. Ive included a lot of quotes in this about hard work because some people working hard makes for a hard life, poor things I suppose some of these quotes come down to funny quotes about life and death also. Oh, and there is some quotes here as well.
Isnt it strange sometimes that we life goes by. One minute where children running around with massive energy and a perfect innocence and the next minute we are caught up in the basic facts of life, we have to go to work, we have to study, we have to make the dinner, we have to get the kids to bed, and so on. Sometimes it seems that there is no other way of doing things, which this is going to be our life until the day that we die. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that this is bad, but sometimes we need something inspiring to keep us going. Here are some inspiring quotes about life that I know will ease your day and give you hope for your future.
First of all, a couple of funny inspirational quotes about life.
Im in no condition to drivewait! I shouldnt listen to myself, Im drunk! Homer Simpson.
Give me a stock clerk with a goal and Ill give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and Ill give you a stock clerk.

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