Garden Centres Today Offer More Than Just Garden Plants

Garden Centres Today Offer More Than Just Garden Plants

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A garden centre in the consumers mind will spell out that here is a store that knows something about plants, if for example you need advice about any product you will go to the appropriate store and get just that, but very often today going to a garden centre there is definitely a distinct lack of plants.

Obviously gardening is about more than just plants, it is about a recreational activity, a hobby or interest, and involves a wide range of other products which combine to make a garden, an interesting place.

The market has changed whereas garden centres years ago sold mostly garden bulbs, vegetable plants, hanging baskets either pre planted or offer plug plants which when planted make beautiful hanging basket plants, fertilizers, potting mix and compost, stakes and chemicals, today a garden centre will sell garden furniture, tools, pots and containers of all shapes and sizes, garden ornaments, water fountains, and much much more.

This is a good thing the wider the variety the better it is, and makes it a ‘one stop shop’ where you can buy a simple packet of garden seeds to garden furniture. This diversification will of course encourage the ‘grow your own’ gardener and the beginner gardener, they can see by layouts in a garden centre what can be achieved with garden seats set maybe in amongst the lavender plants or a fish pond with a profusion of water lilies, or surrounded with perennial plants, that will give it that natural look.

Gardeners of today are investing in many species of plants and shrubs especially at the front of the house, it is an eye catcher, and gives tremendous kerb appeal. The back gardens are also being planted with fruit trees, and vegetables that gives a boost to household expenses, if you can go into the garden and pick your very own runner beans, carrots, potatoes and so much more, certainly long term will put money in your pocket.

Shopping online can be achieved for almost anything these days and lets face it in the gardening world it makes sense. The reason being you can spend all morning driving around several garden centres and not find exactly what you want, on the other hand you can sit in the comfort of your home and browse a garden centre and see exactly what is on offer, and more importantly order, and have delivered to your door.

A spokesman for Blooming Direct a horticultural business based on the Island of Jersey said, “we are certainly a ‘one stop’ shopping facility, you can find most everything you will need for your garden, we have diversified and offer a great deal in the gardening world, tools and sundries barbecues, gazebos, trampolines for garden fun, we also give gardening tips and customers can log onto our blog for the very latest in gardening news, there is a need to offer a full range of products to keen gardeners, and we are proud that all our products compliment our whole mix for the keen gardener”.

A consumer’s expectations when browsing around a garden centre would be to see on display everything for the outdoors, whether it is a plant or shrub, a gazebo or barbecue, will give your garden your own personal touch and a fun place to hang out.

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