Garden Compost Bins

Garden Compost Bins
With more and more people wanting to help the environment they are choosing to grow their own produce at home. Growing fruits and vegetable can be great for your diet and lifestyle and you will not need to use any type of pesticides. You may want to think about using homemade fertilizer and this can be made in your own garden compost bins. Compost bins are easy to make, maintain and use on your fruits and vegetables.

Once you have built your bins then you can use all of your kitchen waste to recycle back into the earth. You will be surprised how easy it is to use the waste and fertilize your crops to make them grow bigger and healthier. You can use any fruits, peels, shells and even coffee filters in your garden compost bins. All of your food scraps can be placed into the compost bins although you should try to avoid bones and salty foods. You can either gather the scraps or waste in your kitchen and then walk them out to the compost bins in one go or after every meal.

You will be surprised how easy it is to build the garden composts and they take very little building and gardening knowledge. You will have to invest some time in the beginning to get the compost bins right but once they are established then you will see great results. By using your own compost you are not only helping the environment but also saving money as well. You can easily make a compost barrel with wood and plastic sheeting or you may want to consider buying a pre built one. Whatever styles you buy you need to think about where to place it.

You will want the garden compost bins to be far enough away from the house but not too far away from your crops. The compost bins will also need to be near your vegetables and fruits so that you can fertilize them with ease. You will also need the composts to be near a water source so you can add moisture easily. You also do not want it being too big and take over your garden and the compost bins will need to be in direct sunlight. There is always a spot in your garden where the bins will be perfect and get every element they need.

Once you have planned where to put the compost bins and they are not too big then you can begin to add things to it. You simply add the food scraps, water and some form of dry materials these will help to produce nitrogen. Every week you will need to turn the contents of the garden compost barrel so that it gets air in and rots well. You will want all of the contents to be stirred up and mixed well. Composts are easy to maintain and hardly smell at all. If you look after them well then you will see great results and you can add your home made compost toy our crops very soon.

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