Garden Furniture, Nova Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture, Nova Garden Furniture

Article by Trevor Sparks

Most of us have a lot of leisure time these days and are looking at activities to fill our time. Gardening is a growing hobby and to compliment your garden, what better than some comfortable garden furniture. Of course, garden furniture, or outdoor furniture, has been around since the beginning of time, and has now become something of a fashion statement for your property. Garden furniture can be made from almost anything but the most common garden furniture materials are wood, metal or plastic. Plastic garden furniture is the “new kid on the block” relatively speaking, as wood and metal have been around for centuries. The Victorians really made garden furniture made from metal, take off. Cast iron was the primary component. Wooden garden furniture was primarily made of Oak in the UK until such time as Teak became available, when most garden furniture was constructed from this durable hardwood. Garden furniture has evolved over the years and the term garden furniture covers anything from tables and chairs to benches, arbours, swing benches, gazebos and parasols.

It is fair to say that your garden furniture can cost whatever you are prepared to pay. Cheaper garden furniture sets are available, but will probably perish over a short period. The more you pay for your garden furniture, the better the quality should be. Gardencast offer a comprehensive range of garden furniture constructed of wood or metal. Visit our website to view the full garden furniture range and we hope you will be impressed with the quality of the garden furniture shown

One of the major suppliers of garden furniture in the UK is the Nova garden furniture company. Originally concentrating on Aluminium garden furniture, Nova have now branched out into Teak, Hardwood and Resin, all under the umbrella of Nova Garden Furniture. Serving only the trade customers, Nova Garden Furniture have built up their clientel, particularly garden centres, who will stock Nova Garden Furniture. Like us, there are many online stores selling Nova Garden Furniture and because there is such a great range, the company will remain popular.

Nova Garden Furniture produce many types of cast aluminium garden furniture, from small two seater Bistro sets to full 10 seater dining sets, namely the Heritage garden furniture set. There are also Teak garden furniture sets from the Nova Garden Furniture range, again from 2 to 10 seater and these are all complimented by cushions and parasols from Nova Garden Furniture.

If you are looking for some new garden furniture for the patio, you should investigate the range from Nova Garden Furniture as the company produces quality items, most of it guaranteed. The Nova Garden Furniture company are an established garden furniture supplier, producing quality, durable, attractive and value for money garden furniture to suit all customers and price ranges. Nova Garden Furniture are one of the UK’s leading garden furniture producers.

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