Garden Home Office

Garden Home Office

Phoenix Timber Buildings are based in Farnham, Surrey and provide a range of outdoor building solutions ideal for any situation where space in the home comes at a premium. Our range of beautiful and functional solutions range from garden home office exterior buildings to summerhouses, sturdy workshops and elegantly designed outdoor playrooms for the children.

Our range of environmentally friendly garden home offices is the quickest, easiest and most economical way to add value storage and living space to your home. We’re able to build eye-catching garden home office buildings that are sure to impress guests when they come round for tea.

Moreover, in today’s modern working environment more people are working from home than ever before. As a lifestyle choice working from home in a garden home office avoids the traffic gridlock each morning, or the crowded carriages on the train as you travel to work, and after all there is nothing worse than arriving at work in the morning tired and harassed after an arduous journey.

With our garden home office exterior buildings you eliminate all this stress and worry and allow you the ability to work in a peaceful environment free of any unwanted distractions.

If you are considering an exterior garden home office then we offer a free on-site consultation that will help you decide on the design, colour, shape and location of your garden home office. We’re also able to build bespoke designs for any outdoor buildings, so whether you’re looking for extra space in the home to work peacefully, or have chosen to work from home full-time then our garden home office exterior buildings are the ideal solution.

For a look at the elegant garden home office exterior buildings that we’re able to supply, a detailed breakdown of cost and to see just what our garden home office exterior buildings would look like then come and visit us online at:

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