Garden Parties To Remember

Garden Parties To Remember

A garden party can be a beautiful way to entertain friends and family. It is not necessary to have a huge area; almost any outdoor space can be used for a party if furnished with imagination. Transforming an everyday yard into a dazzling garden wonderland need not be expensive, either.

Kids enjoy eating outside, so having a family dinner or party “garden style” can be a good way to encourage them to have healthy meals in a fun environment.

Food should be simple to prepare, and kid-friendly. A buffet of different salads is refreshing and different. Round it out with a freezer full of homemade ice cream.


An important aspect of the garden party is the lighting. White, twinkly Christmas lights look amazing strung in trees all year round. There are numerous types of novelty light strings available, also.

These include things like chili peppers, stars, flowers, and other seasonal or regional specialties.

Candles are another option for bringing soft light into the garden. Try placing tea lights in mason jars. These can be arranged along the table, or hung from tree branches using floral wire. Tea lights can also be used to create luminarias. Lunch sized paper bags are filled halfway with sand; a tea light is nestled in the sand and lit. A series of these simple lanterns can outline a path or set of stairs. If children will be present, battery operated candles can be used. Citronella candles or torches can help keep insects away from the festivities.


Decorating for a garden party can be simple. The garden itself may be all the décor needed. When this is not the case, paper lanterns hanging from the trees are lovely. They are available in many colors to suit any theme. Ribbons of various lengths can also be hung from tree branches to make an enchanting forest. Mason jars can be used as vases, showcasing blooms from the garden.

Table and Serving
The table may be the focal point of the party. Colors should coordinate with other décor used. A bright, citrus colored tablecloth can be used with napkins, plates, cups, and serving dishes of contrasting citrus colors. Think about using a wheelbarrow, wagon, or kiddy pool to hold ice and drinks. Terra cotta flower pots can hold napkins and silverware.

With a little imagination, any outdoor space can be a perfect garden party site.

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