Garden stuff sale advice?

Kaykay123 asks: Garden stuff sale advice?
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I live on a farm and me and my family have made and are going to sell pot planters and i think we should make and sell signs which we have.

Its a stump with a bit of wood on top with the house name on it and i think we should make and paint peoples house names on it-ones they want and sel them also sell some wood with names on them to hand on the house.

Please tell me what you think-better pics and mybe a website coming soon.

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Sorry no pics of planters
yey sorry-know how to make a website.

I live in scotlsand the planters are log ones but do you think theses ideas would work and if you would ever buy one or am i wasting my time.

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Answer by Kimberly C
It sounds like you have a couple of potential products to sell. I am not sure where you are located, but there a few things you could do to see if there is a local market for your products. Word of mouth is one of the greatest tools to use in any business and especially a small business. Do some sample planters as well as some sample wood name paintings. Start out small with family and neighbors and see if you can have them displayed for sale in local nurseries, craft places and different community events. Have some business cards made up and pass them out. Make flyers to give out to people with pictures of your planters and wood products. Starting your own business takes a lot of work, but if you love what you are doing, you can make it work.

I am not sure if I understand your question on a website. Are you looking to start a website? I will link you to a page on my website that talks about starting your own website. This may help you if that is what you are looking for. I will also link you to the site map as this page has everything that is on the website. Browse through as there are many different articles and tips as well as a page on container gardens. This may be of some interest to you. Good luck to you and I hope this has helped. Have a great day!

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  1. maybe paint some flowers or leaves around the name. that would brighten it up a bit! good luck!

  2. Looks like a great product. Yu might start by selling a few on e-Bay and see if there is interest. I would buy one. For selling your potted plants, I would surround this sign with your planters and people might like the effect so much that they will buy a sign with their potted plant. There is a big market here in the US of A for the kind of planters you are talking about. Every third person seems to have a whiskey barrel full of plants so why not wooden planters. I think you have a good idea. You might also consider woodburning the names unto the pieces of stumps. You could also consider painting a few stencils of flowers on the sign. Something like little daisies or forget me nots.

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