Gardening Basics

by Er.We

Gardening Basics

Article by James Rice

If you think gardening is to hard, then you must read these blogs on gardening. With the economy the way it is we must find a way to stretch our dollars and a big way is by the gardening of fruits and vegatables.

In the upcoming blogs we will take you from being a beginner at gardening, having never done so before to being a gardening expert. We will talk about how to begin your seeds for gardening to what trees to decide on for your fruits. We will talk about field gardening, raised bed gardening, posthole gardening, barrel gardening, etc.

As for my expertise, I have been teaching gardening classes for about 15 years at gardening clubs, churches, and gardening retail outlets. I have been paid up to $ 150 per class. Plus, I have been gardening myself and keeping up with all the new and easier methods. But, Now I am going to give you the benifit of my gardening experience FREE!

Enough about me, Lets get started on our gardening blogs.

First we must decide on your gardening technique and what type of vegatables you want to and are able to grow in you gardening space. Then we must decide whether you want to start your plants from seed of buy the plants from a gardening retailer.

If you buy your seeds you must make sure you have enough room to plant them all. For example, there are about 1,000 seeds in a packet of lettuce (thats a lot of heads to use by yourself unless you are gardening for the whole neighborhood) and it is that way with many other seed packets.

In our next lesson we will talk about how to and what equipment one needs to start their seeds from the beginning as we start our gardening advice.

For now thanks for reading Gardening Basics

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