Gardening Gifts

Gardening Gifts

With holidays coming up fast you’re probably out Christmas shopping! Which means you’re doing it last minute. Don’t worry we have a hard time shopping too! That’s why we wanted to help you out with some gift suggestions. If you know a gardener then you’re going to love some of the gift ideas. Each of these gardening gifts are perfect for people who love spending time in the great outdoors harvesting the fruits of their labor. Each of these gifts we’re handpicked by the author based on their uniqueness, theme, and price. We hope you enjoy each of our gift suggestions and happy holidays!

#5 Womanswork 610 Vegetable Garden Wheel

This gift suggestion is brought to you by Garden Wheel. It’s the perfect present or stocking stuffer for that gardener in your family. However the chances are that a highly experienced gardener probably won’t use it. This gift is for the person who’s just starting out by planting their very first vegetable patch. The garden wheel helps you by saving you time, money, and frustration. The Garden Wheel is a colorful cardboard wheel that can be turned to find out a bunch of information on 610 different Vegetables.

The wheel includes information on height, bloom time, sun requirements, and color choices. Of course there is a lot more information like how many days it takes for a seed to germinate. While the garden wheel won’t seem impressive at first it’s actually extremely useful. It’s packed full of information at a cheap cost. All you have to do is hang the garden wheel in the garage and then reference it every time you need information.

#4 Toysmith Garden Root Viewer

How would you like to interest your kids in gardening? I know when I was a kid my mother would talk to me about gardening. The toy is extremely simple and easy for kids to use. The best part about this gift is that it takes in several different factors about kids that would keep them interested. For example most kids have a short attention span. Especially if they’re extremely hyper. Which is why they chose a plant that only takes two days to germinate.

Kids have a tendency to lose interest in gardening because it takes too long. However with this kit your kids will be excited to check it everyday. The kite comes with three clear test tubes, carrot seeds, onion seeds, and radish seeds. All you have to do is add soil to the test tube then plant the seed of your choice. What we would recommend doing is transplanting the seeds after they sprout. That way your kids can learn about the entire cycle.

#3 PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor

One of the ultimate gifts for gardeners is brought to you by PlantSmart. This gift is perfect for professional and novice gardeners. The PlantSmart Plant Care Sensor allows you to track light, temperature, and soil quality. All you have to do is plant the sensor in the soil that you’re going to plant in. You can also plant it in a place that already has plants in it. Then you just need to leave the sensor in the soil for twenty four hours. After that time you just have to plug it into your USB port on your computer.

The Plant Sensor will then make recommendations on what you should plant in the soil based on the light and temperature it receives. You can even diagnose dieing plants in need of help. All you have to do is plug in the sensor and it will let you know if the plant is starched or oversaturated. Out of all the gift suggestions we’re going to make in this article this one is a must-have. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying for a professional or a beginner this is the perfect gift for all.

#2 Creativity For Kids Mini Windowsill Garden

This gift suggestion is a great gardening gift for kids. With this gift your kids will be able to find out exactly how a garden grows by creating there very own miniature windowsill garden. The reason we’re recommending this gift is because it’s educational. We love toys that have the ability to spark an interest in children. The reason being is that gifts like that can interest kids in a career with horticulture.

With this toy your kids can plant the windowsill set with ceramic painted in any design that they like. The set also includes garden tools that can be painted too. Pretty much everything needed to start a garden is included in the set including seeds and soil. All you have to do is provide the water and then you’re good to go! Your kids will enjoy watching their plants grow a little bit everyday.

#1 Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit

If I haven’t made it clear the author of this article is actually a experienced gardener. One of my favorite types of planting styles is English gardens. Which is why for my last gift suggestion I want to recommend the Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit. This kit is perfect for women who have an interest in fairies. The package includes an 11 inch bowl, flower fairy Hannah, resin fairy house, two resin toadstools, sparkling gems, glittery pixie dust, two tulle butterflies fabric flower bouquet, purple gravel, seeds, glass opti-stones, and much more!

On top of that the kit also includes instructions on how to plant and manage your seeds. This gift is perfect for people who want to start a fairy themed garden. The best part is that this gift suggestion only comes in at twenty bucks.

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