Gardening Psychology – Getting To Know About The Best Forms Of Gardening

Gardening Psychology – Getting To Know About The Best Forms Of Gardening

Gardening has always been very famous and has been a part and parcel of everyone’s day to day life. Almost all religions consider gardens to be very eventful and significant. For instance, Christians believe that humanity came to existence in a garden when the son of the almighty was revived in the garden. The Buddhist constructed gardens as they considered that it would help their environment to infuse with nature. And, almost every monument, palace and government building possesses a garden. But, what is the reason that everyone prefers having a garden?

The basic reason which we presume people do gardening for is to eat! If you are a person who is on a diet and eating only stuff from your garden, you are sure to agree with the reason. But there do exist people who grow plants just because of the fact that the flowers that bloom look good and captivating. However, when we sit down to analyze, we can surely come up with certain possibilities.

One of the primary reasons why people love gardens are because in spite of living in highly modernized and industrialized cities, we still are nature lovers deep down. So, these gardens give us the comfort and peace that we crave for amidst the fast paced life that we are leading. This makes us feel extremely happy and light hearted after we spend some time in our own little garden. And this is the reason why people consider gardens to be the best locale to meditate and even exercise. A garden is an easy outlet from the busy world that we are thriving in.

The next conclusion which I come up with is, that as human beings we are prone to feel guilty about not caring for nature and thus, as an effort to get off that guilt we build gardens and take care of the plants. The source of this guilt may even be the realization that we have destroyed too much of the natural endowments that we have got just to fulfil our selfish needs. For the amount of trees that we kill, the garden is a way in which we try to make up for the loss at our level best. This, according to me is the reason why many people take up the process of gardening as their pastime or hobby.

However, gardening is a wholesome habit. It is a way of being fit and fine because of the physical activities that we have to do, it helps in protecting the environment from excessive pollution and all other similar problems and it also helps us in improving our lifestyle and diet. Hence, I feel people should continue to keep up the good work. And specially in case of countries like the US of A, this habit should be encouraged as the country is already plagued with excessive pollution and obesity.

Then again, I am not a psychologist. I am a mere gardener like any one of you who keeps wondering for hours as to what contributes to the perfect garden. I still do not have a clue as to what is the driving force that makes me take up the task of gardening and makes me go and workout in my lawn almost everyday. Maybe, I will never know what the real reason is. But, to me, this ignorance is paradise!

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