Gardens in London – Witness some of the World’s Finest Landscape Designs

Gardens in London – Witness some of the World’s Finest Landscape Designs

Article by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

London is famed for having some of the finest gardens and parks in the world. Because of its varying climate and mild summers with copious amounts of rain, the flowers and greens bloom in abundance. Most of these gardens are open to the public but there are as many private gardens spread throughout London. Any visitor interested in these wondrous landscapes know that there are the famous gardens within the city limits and then there are the gardens that could be visited a day trip away from London.

Hampstead Gardens, South West London Gardens, Greenwich and Dockland Scenic Walk, Chelsea Gardens, City Gardens, Central London Gardens and Greenwich Park Walk makes up the plethora of gardens that are within the city limits of London and the Eat Kent Gardens, Oxford Classic Gardens, West Kent Gardens and Surrey Gardens are a few that are placed a little further away. If you are really interested in seeing it all, Brown Gardens, Jellicoe Gardens and Jekyll Gardens are also worth a visit. Though they are away from the city these are spectacular lay-outs that have been designed by famous landscapers.

Each of these gardens possesses distinct features that set them apart from the rest. For instance, the Hampstead Gardens are favored by the media and arts people of the suburbs. Where as Chelsea, which is also coveted by the elite and conducting the most famous Garden Show in England also has some of Europe’s oldest botanical gardens. Oxfordshire on the other hand, is renowned for its classic gardens and is stated as having three of the most spectacular landscape gardens in England. Displaying some of the ancient architectural styles including 19th century Italian Gardens and true medieval gardens are the Kensington Palace Gardens, Eltham Palace and Hampton Court Palace Gardens. These give new perspective to the landscaping styles used in the days of old.

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