Give Great Gifts to Gardeners – Learning to Read Their Minds

by floato

Give Great Gifts to Gardeners – Learning to Read Their Minds

The key to giving great gifts to gardeners, just like giving great gifts to anyone really, is to get inside their minds. Now, you could hire a hypnotist to help you do this, if you think it would do any good… or you can just use your knowledge, and what I tell you here to figure out where that gardener, whom you love dearly, is coming from. Why bother getting poor gifts, when you can do it right every time?

So, let’s just get right to it. I am Ben, and I am a gardener. That almost feels like it should be at a gardener’s anonymous meeting. You see, gardeners can take things pretty seriously, and by things, I mean their garden.

I grow primarily for food, so you will get my angle on that, but the points here will apply to ornamental and flower gardeners as well.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the gardener you are buying for has a budget for his or her gardening. Alright, so you already knew that, but have you thought about the ramifications of that realization?

Tools break down, seeds cost money (and new plants cost a lot more), which means that gardeners end up spending a lot of their money on tools and plants. That may not seem like a tremendous revelation, but it means that you, as the gift give, can easily find a great gift for gardeners (because the gardener on your list likely doesn’t think about spending money on more than a few specific things).

This does not change that he or she (or me) would love to have other gadgets and tools for our garden. Whether it is a water timer, or a soil testing kit, you can bet that a gardener would love to have some cool gadgets for their garden. It does mean a lot to them after all, but they may not feel that they can justify spending the extra money.

I bet you can see where you fit in now! You can be the one who buys them that cool gadget! Now you can go big (or go home) and get them a greenhouse or cold bed (which actually don’t have to be all that expensive), or you can get them something like the soil testing kit that I mentioned already. There really are a lot of great options out there for you to consider.

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